2022 Results

Mason 8th CoverFriday started off with the High Roller race. The winner was Jesse Farquhar all the way from Massachusetts in his stick shift Jetta. Runner up was veteran VW racer Paul Langlois.

We also for the first time ran a “bogey” race for anyone that bought a tech card. Tim Norwood was the winner here in his beautiful altered. Second best package went to James Boone in the sandrail.

Saturday I got to the track at 6:55AM and I was all ready greeted by a swap meet vendor. I kind of had a feeling that it was going to be big.

We wound up with over 30 vendors which is amazing since our highest before that was 12!

The car show was headed up by Cecil Affleck and his buddy. Even though we had expanded the car show area, it wasn’t enough. We had 112 registered show cars and there were plenty parked in the grass without a card on the window.

Our racers showed up strong again with another great mix of air cooled and water cooled cars. WE had 76 racers on the property which is down due to a lot of people waiting on parts but everyone who came to race, did a hell of a job.

In Pro Outlaw it was Brad McBride in his front engine type 3 taking the victory over John La Spisa in the GTI. Brad had been on kill and was .008 in the semi finals on the tree.

Limited Street had their largest field in event history with 11 making the qualifying sheet. However, I am sorry that these guys had the track screw up the ladder round 1. Surviving that and making it to the finals was Paolo Santos in his vr6 Jetta versus Drew in his GTI. Paolo was able to put down enough power to stay out front and win.

ASA is where the mighty 1641 of Kevin Bartelson came up against the hammer of Brad Robertson. Brad saved his best for last and went 6.01 to secure victory.

All Motor competed quarter mile and heads up. This was another air vs water final as Jonathan Abrams took out Anthony Frassetto in his GTI. These two had smack talked before the event and ran a grudge match in Q1. There, Abrams was able to beat him also.

Super Pro came to the lanes with 20 cars round one and the battle was on! When it was all over, Todd Chicklo in Hot Chocolate was the winner over Jimmy Boone.

An interesting side note was that we have Pro Stick race with us here too. Their class is all manually shifted V8s, also ran on the 1/8th mile. We decided to run the winner of Pro Stick versus the super pro winner for an additional $400 to the winner and $100 runner up. On this day, the VWs reigned supreme when Todd took out a red lighting 5 second chevelle. They were the last pair down the track of the weekend.

Pro VW came down to Nelson Rodriguez Jr and Troy Mcnair in a pair of street cars. After three years of not racing, Nelson was able to come with the big win.

Super Stock came down to Anderson Ward and Jesse Farquhar in his second final of the weekend. Two finals and two big checks for the Monson Mafia as Jesse yet again would turn on the win light. It is also to note he had a perfect .000 light during the weekend.

Some interesting side stories are—

Dave Fisher entering white lightning and his v8 bug and going rounds in both cars.

The return of Gelber Blitz to the race track.

Joe rule getting his 90s styled race car out of moth balls after 20 years idle.

Hot Chocolates big win at their home track.

The Panty Dropper special award for the car show from Seth was a hit.

Kevin Grimes bringing out his off road Manx and becoming wheelie king of the weekend.

Amber Zent came all the way from California to hang out and meet new people. Plus she got to race Arthur Neary car in Pro.

Erick Negron won the dune buggy raffle

We will do another run on t shirts.

Thank you to everyone who supports the events. Wether you sponsor, show up, share a social media post. If you want to get involved or sponsor in 2023, let me know.

Special thank you to all of my family who helps out. It’s not east to drag two trailers full of stuff and cars almost 5 hours from home along with seven people. This wouldn’t happen with out them.

Scott Pocaro