2020 Results

2020 lanesUnfortunately mother nature put an official early ending to the VW Nationals. To every person that attended, towed their car, entered the car show, set up a swap area or walked through the gate, THANK YOU!  You don't need to be told how difficult 2020 is but we still managed 82 VW racers, 45 show cars and 10 vendor spots. That is unbelievable under pandemic status and the ever-changing forecast.

Friday night went pretty smooth we had Corbitt Marshburn win $1500 in the High Roller class, Mystery Massachusetts win in the 55+ class and Stephen Hawes taking the Quick 4 race win and low E.T with a 5.36 blast.

Saturday we all woke up to a surprise, rain. Where did that come from. That wasn't the plan, but this is the year of groin kicks. We would race for 20 minutes, drizzle, dry the track, race for 20 minutes, drizzle...and so on until 6pm when a real storm came. The only finals that finished were Anthony Frassetto winning all motor and Scott Sain winning ASA. All of the other classes split between the remaining racers.

Big congratulations to Corbitt Marshburn for robbing the North of all the money as his win Friday night was paired with another final round appearance Saturday that unfortunately didn't happen.

Another pat on the back to Stephen Hawes who's become my traveling buddy for these races and is starting to make consistent laps in his car. It’s starting to come together. We also cannot forget Ryan McBride for making the LONG haul from Colorado and nabbing a semifinal appearance in A/Gas. Some dedication there.

The car show guys, especially the bus gang showed up in force it seemed like. Some very, very nice cars were parked in the grass which made award choices a very hard one. Thank you to all of them coming out and hopefully you guys enjoyed the drive down the staging lanes into victory lane for photo ops.

Personal thank you to Art Neary, Cecil Affleck, wife and young monkey for helping organize the parking. My mom, brother and dad for holding down the t shirt tent and upper half of the pits. Track staff for making the starting line good enough to eat a few transmissions and all of the sponsors. As long as I have financial support for pay outs and people show up...we are rolling forward.

Special thanks to my wife for putting up with all of this. How many times she has yelled "put your phone down " because I'm reaching out to racers or participants, answering questions or trying to promote this event. Thank you.

One reason this event and Heritage Series exist is for reasons like this…. I get home and someone I don't know messages me. Says he was at the race and it set off a fire inside him. He rolled his racecar which hasn't been out in a long time...out of the trailer and is getting back into it. If we don't bring people BACK or new people IN....this small hobby that anyone reading this enjoys, is going to go away. Something we don't want.

There are already plans to make 2021 better and improve. Let's enjoy whatever events are left for 2020 and keep going

Scott Pocaro